Julius Davies, PhD Student / Java Developer
Vancouver, BC, Canada

CV (also available as a pdf)

Dr. Gail C. Murphy,   University of British Columbia

BSc Honours with Distinction, Computer Science (2011, UVic)
BFA, Creative Writing (2001, UVic)

Major Publications:
  1. Davies J.,   Germán D. M.,   Godfrey M. W.,   Hindle A. Software Bertillonage: Determining the Provenance of Software Development Artifacts. To Appear, Journal of Empirical Software Engineering.
    Download PDF (605KB) DRAFT.
  2. Davies J.,   Germán D. M.,   Godfrey M. W.,   Hindle A. Software Bertillonage: Finding the Provenance of an Entity. 8th International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories MSR-2011, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 21st-22nd, 2011.
    Download PDF (461KB).

    20 of 61 full research papers accepted: 32.8%. Among best 6 invited to submit extended versions to Springer's Journal of Empirical Software Engineering.
  3. Germán D. M.,   Di Penta M.,   Davies J. Understanding and Auditing the Licensing of Open Source Software Distributions. International Conference in Program Comprehension ICPC-2010, Braga, Portugal, June 30th - July 2nd, 2010.
    Download PDF (226KB).

    15 of 76 full research papers accepted: 19.7%.

Full publication list:


logdriver-with-ms (based on R. Bloom's.)
music composition tools (in Javascript)
pseudo PR-Tree

linux FAQ for clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME)
log4j best practices

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Jette Midtgaard, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Victoria, BC.
Javadocs for the json-simple-1.1.1.jar Java library, since the json-simple project doesn't host them, and I wanted to look at them....
Rough paper ideas
UBC's CPSC 507, Fall 2011.
UBC's Teaching Evaluations.

Remembering Michael Cullen.